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Innovation Partners Ltd supports the real-world application (or commercialisation) of university-based research capabilities. Universities can achieve this in a number of ways, the main ones being:

The rationale for supporting the commercialisation of university-based research capabilities is strong:

Exploiting the knowledge base of research organisations such as universities through collaboration with external organisations is very much aligned with the 'open innovation' agenda. However, despite this area having seen a greater level of attention and activity in recent years, there is significant scope for improvement, particularly for universities. To meet this challenge, Innovation Partners is dedicated to exploring and developing practical solutions that enable the potential residing in the 'knowledge base' of universities to be fully realised.

Innovation Partners collaborates with universities to make this happen. This simply means that we engage in all activities that underpin the commercialisation of university-based research capabilities. This could include identifying industry partners and building consortia, preparing full proposals to secure funding, engaging in the delivery of projects, and the development of industry-facing commercialisation strategies.

To guarantee high-quality results, our approach embodies the following principles:

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